No puppies to Juohkit. Next plans is in the winter.

Next plans spring 2023

The puppies grow up with the family and are sold chipped, registered, inspected by a veterinarian and dewormed several times, and the purchase price of the puppy includes 24% VAT.

If the puppy acquirer wants to become a member of the breed organization, we will pay the puppy acquirer's membership fee for the first year. We feed the puppies with Royal Canin food, which every puppy buyer brings with them. In addition to dry food, the puppies eat raw meat in various forms as well as bones. I recommend Royal Canin to all my kennels but of course I don’t force it to be fed, but everyone gets to make their own decision with which to feed their dog. If necessary, I will also be happy to help you find a suitable food option, if the puppy owner so wishes. However, the change of food is preferably done gently so that the puppy's stomach is not confused.

 I hope that each puppy will get health checks (eyes, hips, elbows and knees) done  at the earliest at the age of one, but no later than four years of age. I don’t force or press to have official health tests on my breeds, but I hope for them nonetheless. I hope the puppy will visit an official dog show at least once. If necessary, I will help with the presentation of the dog and also give advice and show support regarding shows. For me as a breeder, it would be useful to get an objective view of the structure of the dog.

Every dog ​​needs training - so does your puppy! Every puppy needs to be trained in ways and the best way to do that is to help, for example, a local dog club or a private dog training center. The dog needs tasks & things to do and likes to play with his owner. Of course, I don’t expect or require  your puppy to become an obedience champion, for example, but if you would happened to excel in some hobby the dog and his/her owner enjoy, I will naturally be happy and proud for any achievement and effort.

As a breeder, I always give you my full support and I hope to hear from you and your  dog, not only during the time your dog is a puppy but all through his life. There is no question you could not ask from me and you can always contact me. If I don't answer you right away, for example, because of my work scheduales, you can send me a message if you have something important issue to discuss me with. I will always get back to you as soon as possible, though.

I hope the new family will keep in touch with the joys and sorrows of life and all of our puppies and their owners are also always welcome to visit!

There is no need to be nervous or anxious about he first contact (or first meeting)- just be yourself! When you are considering a Mintline’s puppy and contact me for the first time via email, I hope for little information about you and your family as well as any previous dog experience you might have. 

I will be happy to answer questions about the litters, my dogs or the breeds in general, so feel free to ask any questions you may have! You can also visit our kennel if you want to get some hands on experience of the breeds and to get to know the breed, even if we have no puppies but you want to learn more about a breed you might be interested in. (Unfortunately at the moment we are not welcoming new people as much as usual, due to Covid.)

 I don’t reserve puppies before they are born, nor do I before I have met the potential new buyers. I want to find the best home for each puppy, so the nature of the puppies also contributes to the final decisions about which puppy will end up in which family.

Do notice that due to the fact that I am not very fluent in English, you might have to wait for an answer for a little while. My husband Jussi and friend Mari-Miia do help with translations and sometimes respond to emails on my behalf, as well as assist with communication when it comes to meetings either in person or through video meetings now that we use the latter because of Covid sometimes. They also help when it comes to communication with you after the puppy has moved to the home of his new family.

Our Lapponian Herder litters in Finnish Kennel Club's database.

1m + 4f, photos
Stablehills Pähkinä x Tinttaraisen Orvokki

1m + 4f, photos
Sagaberran Onni-Armas x Tinttaraisen Orvokki

4m + 3f, photos
Vertti x Mintline's Lucky Toffifee

3m + 3f, photos
Hagassessan Åkant-Åskar x Mintline's Otter Beauty

7m + 1f, photos
Eerondaali Break Every Rule x Eerondaali Dancing Queen