The origins of my kennel dates back to 1998 and the back then my dreams for the future included breeding Long Haired Miniature Dachshunds. Back then I had a Long Haired Miniature Dachshund called Minttu, and the name of my kennel is in her honor. Fate chose another path when it comes to breeding dogs - 16 years after I received my kennel name, the first Mintline's litter was born and the breed was Lapponian Herder.

How did I end up breeding Lapponian Herders?
In a nutshell the story is a simple one. I had already liked Lapponian Herders and when the time was right, I got the pleasure of owning my first Lapponian Herder. The rest is history..


.In 2018 a first Keeshond joined our family and the breed stole our hearts. In December 2020 our first Keeshond litter was born..

I want to breed dogs that fit the standards of the breed. The breed standard does make it possible to breed dogs that are of slightly different types so when I do make breeding plans, I look out for blood lines that could produce dogs that also meet my own ideals.

I want to breed dogs that do meet the criterias of the breed standard when it comes to the way the dogs look. My main goal, however, is to be able to breed dogs that are healthy, of good character and slightly soft towards their trainer/owner  to insure that training and sharing a life is easy and comfortable.
It is important to my that the dogs I breed are able to live a their lives as happy, social members of their families and to be confident outside the home, no matter where they might go with their families.